Meet Our Team

BWC Capital Team

With over 80 years of combined entrepreneurial and asset management experience, we are a well-informed, experienced partner who adds strategic value to our portfolio companies. We possess the diverse background and proven track record required to provide significant operational and consulting experience and financial expertise to founders/entrepreneurs as well as to our management team partners.

Bridget Chisholm, Managing Partner

  • 25-years corporate and entrepreneurial executive experience
  • Facilitated over $600 million in multi-layered financing transactions, restructurings and developments

Elmer Chisholm, Managing Partner

  • 15+ year career in retail, banking and sales oriented arenas
  • Portfolio management expertise includes origination, underwriting, collections and compliance

Cedric Johnson, Partner

  • Has served in public policy analyst roles with state-level think tanks
  • Engaged in research and analysis of fiscal and economic policy issues and follows economic development trends and best practices

Craig Dandridge, VP Business Development

  • 25-years business development experience with expertise in strategic planning and structuring financing plans
  • Has raised $27 million in capital through financing alternatives and collaboration with large lending institutions and equity investors

CiF Team

Mr. Stephen Strnisha, Chief Executive Officer

  • Helped CiF become one of the Top 10 Regional Centers in US
  • Served as Finance Director for the City of Cleveland and oversaw financing of Cleveland’s professional sports stadiums and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


Mr. Adam Blackman, Chief Operating Officer

  • Closed over $220 million in CiF loans over the past four years
  • Been involved with over a billion dollars worth of projects
  • Holds Degree in Construction Management from Purdue University


Ms. Kristen Laughlin, Chief Marketing Officer

  1. Worked in marketing and client management for several US and
  2. International hedge fund accounts
  3. Raised over $200 million for CiF


Mr. Nicholas Delguyd, CPA, Chief Financial Officer

  1. Ensures CiF’s Financial Compliance and has a critical role in defining long term business strategies
  2. Experienced in Real Estate development, finance, and lending
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